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A reputation for helping Treasure Coast families preserve their wealth

Estate planning is much more than drafting a will. It is a creative, dynamic, highly confidential  process that often requires attention and adjustment over years and even decades. Since 1981, Sonia M. Pawluc, Counselor at Law, has helped Florida individuals and families preserve and transfer their assets efficiently and with the utmost concern for their needs.  Sonia M. Pawluc has earned the top rating from her peers for legal ability and ethics.

A caring counselor facilitating peace of mind through legacy planning

Proper estate planning advice requires more than a thorough explanation of laws and documents. Sonia M. Pawluc has built her strong reputation in the community by blending her legal acumen with individualized customer service by concentrating on:

  • Valuing clients’ time — Our office responds to every client request quickly and efficiently. We do all of our work with the understanding that delays in resolving an estate can put extreme emotional and financial pressure on a family.
  • Offering personalized advice — Though many of our clients share common concerns, every person has unique challenges and goals. Before we propose any course of action, we take the time to develop a full understanding of where you are and how you wish to take care of your family.
  • Building lasting relationships — Proper estate planning requires years of partnership and open discussion about private matters. When we start working with someone, we don’t just open a file, but prepare to launch a long, successful relationship.

Knowledgeable advice for all of your Florida will and probate questions

Attorney Sonia M. Pawluc can provide you with skilled advice on a complete range of estate planning topics, including:

  • Change of domicile — If you are new to Florida, we can help you establish domicile and transition to Florida confidently.
  • Estate planning and tax issues — After a thorough evaluation of your situation, we will explain the various options for handling your estate and avoiding taxes if possible.
  • Joint ownership — We can help you explore how the different types of joint ownership can be used as  tools for estate planning.
  • Wills and living trusts — We can identify whether a Will plan or Trust plan is best suited to your unique situation.  We will explain why many people prefer living trusts, which allow for control during your lifetime and probate avoidance at death.  We will also provide guidance with the trust funding process.
  • Probate administration — We can assist with all aspects of probate administration, including ancillary probate, beginning with your appointment as Personal Representative (formerly known as Executor) through the distribution of estate assets and formally closing the estate.
  • Trust administration — Often times trusts can be complex and difficult to administer. The Trustee has a fiduciary obligation to adhere to the trust’s provisions while attempting to meet the demands of trust beneficiaries. We work to protect the Trustee while assisting the Trustee with managing the expectations and needs of the beneficiaries.
  • Asset protection — Often the type of asset or the way it is owned can provide protection from creditors.  We can give you guidance on how to best protect your wealth.
  • Same-sex planning — Given recent changes in the law, we can guide same sex couples in planning opportunities that are now available.

From your first meeting with Sonia M. Pawluc, you will understand why so many Treasure Coast residents trust her with their family’s wealth planning.

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