Accomplished Treasure Coast Attorney Helps Preserve Your Assets

Skilled estate planning advice to facilitate wealth transfer and mitigate taxes

Estate planning is essential for everyone, not just the wealthy. Every family is different, but no one benefits when important choices are left until after a loved one’s death. With more than 30 years of legal experience,  Sonia M. Pawluc, Counselor at Law, will guide you through complicated federal and state tax laws so that your family can preserve everything it is entitled to keep.

Preparing and updating wills to ease the process at every stage

Wills may seem simple, but improper planning can lead to serious consequences. Sonia M. Pawluc conducts a thorough review of your family situation and asset structure so that distributions of your estate are handled as you direct.  Some common considerations are:

  • Appointment of a Personal Representative — This is the person who will marshal the estate assets, notify and handle creditors and distribute assets to the named beneficiaries.  The Personal Representative has a fiduciary obligation to impartially manage the probate. This is a position of extreme trust.
  • Distributions to younger beneficiaries — At what age should distributions be made to younger beneficiaries and for what purpose? Is 25 the right age for a distribution to your children or grandchildren?  Have you considered issues like distributions for health and education?
  • Distribution of assets — How do you want your estate to be distributed among your beneficiaries? If you have had multiple marriages, it is particularly important to specifically address distributions to your spouse and children.

You may already have a will, but many things may be triggers for a review, such as a move to Florida, remarriage, death of spouse or child, or a change in your financial situation.  We will conduct a complete evaluation to address these or other changes.

Assistance setting up living trusts

Living trusts have become popular estate planning tools because they are a flexible approach for managing assets and avoiding probate.  If you have questions about establishing this type of trust, Sonia M. Pawluc can explain the benefits of living trusts and assist in preparing the required documents.

Experienced representation for probate court and estate management

Probate is the legal procedure that occurs following a death to prove that a valid will exists, to notify and pay creditors, and to distribute the property in accordance with the will. Sonia M. Pawluc represents the Personal Representatives of estates in Probate Court so that debts and taxes are paid and property is distributed according to the wishes of the deceased.

Efficient location and transfer of assets for Florida families

In the difficult weeks and months following a loved one’s death, you need an attorney experienced at identifying and arranging for disposition of all of the property in the decedent’s estate. Even small estates can be burdensome if they are not dealt with efficiently. Sonia M. Pawluc knows the importance of delivering this type of closure as promptly as possible.

Contact a responsive Stuart law firm today for complete estate planning services

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